On-Premise Solutions

Premise-based systems are solutions where the equipment – including phone system servers, cabling and routers – are installed and maintained locally at your company’s place of business.

Our Premise based VoIP systems allow any company to take advantage of the collaboration, productivity, and mobility advantages that VoIP offers. Most current premise-based systems are purchased up front, and the hardware is owned by the customer. Our Hardware as a Service model – which provides a fixed monthly cost for new, state of the art hardware – greatly reduces the initial capital requirements that SMB’s have traditionally had to deal with when considering this type of system and so allows them to reap the benefits without initial financial constraint. Premise based systems and applications can be fully customized to business needs and requirements at any time and the ROI over the life span is measurably better. This can be beneficial for companies with fixed IT upgrade budgets making these systems a viable option for any sized organization.

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