Hosted Solutions

Showtech’s hosted VoIP solutions system enable every member of your organization to work anytime, anywhere with BYOD integration. Ease of scalability and line configuration allow us to immediately meet your evolving staffing and location needs. Our robust VoIP solution features include programmable Auto Attendant, Caller ID, Hunt Groups, Soft Phone Plugins, Voicemail to Email and more. The system’s ease of use is furthered by features such as Call Conference, Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Call Queues, Virtual Fax and CRM integration tools. Our personalized offerings allow for no upfront costs so even the smallest business can take advantage of these powerful solutions. These hosted systems reside in highly secure data centers and offer a continuity plan in case of disaster.

We specialize in the business of managing and configuring your phone system and that allows you to focus on specializing in your business.

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